What is Tele-play Therapy?

Play therapy helps children who have difficult feelings or worries.
Play Therapy helps children who have difficult feelings or worries. Tele-play therapy helps us to help you using the internet. When you come to play therapy at the Windfall Centre you and your therapist can play together and talk together.

This is a picture of our virtual playroom that you and your therapist would use!

It is your therapist’s job to try and help you sort out any worries!

After you have had some sessions with your therapist, they will have a meeting with your parents, or carer, or social worker to see how things are. This will help us make sure things are going okay or if we need to change anything.

Just so you know...

  • When you come to play therapy your therapist will keep what you both talk about CONFIDENTIAL.
  • This does not mean it is a secret because you can tell anyone you like about what you do.
  • But your therapist will keep things private unless you say it is okay to tell someone else.


If you tell your therapist about something that makes them think someone may be hurting you, or that you have been hurt before, then they will explain to you that they have to tell someone about this to make sure you and any other children are kept safe and not hurt.

It is adults’ responsibility to make sure that children are not hurt and to keep them safe.

It is also your therapist’s job to keep you safe. If you ever feel unsafe in the playroom you can tell your therapist and they will make sure you are kept safe.

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable because of something the therapist has said or done and you don’t want to tell them, you can tell someone else like your…

Mother or Father

Foster Carer

Social Worker


They will then make sure things change

They might talk to your therapist and discuss with them what you said, talk to another person in the Windfall Centre or talk to someone outside the Windfall Centre like a social worker.

You have a right to say what you think and a right to say if you are not happy about something especially if it makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.