What is Specialist Counselling?

“The day the child realises that all adults are imperfect, he becomes an adolescent; the day he forgives them, he becomes an adult; the day he forgives himself, he becomes wise.” – Alden Nowlan. 

Adolescence and early adulthood can be especially challenging and confusing times and young people may struggle with issues and circumstances they are encountering or have encountered in the past.  These experiences may feel overwhelming and impact not only their own emotional health and well-being but also on those who care for them.

Counselling at Windfall is person-centred and trauma and attachment informed.  The counselling approach draws on research, particularly into current neuro-scientific research into the development of the teenage/early adult brain.  Specific training and experience in counselling children and young people, allows the counsellor to employ a range of specific skills, strategies and resources to ensure that each young person receives a uniquely tailored service to meet each individual need.

Counselling provides a safe space in which adolescents and young people are fully listened to and enabled to express themselves; to explore, and make sense of their experiences, without being judged or told what to do.  Counselling is confidential unless the counsellor has specific concerns about the safety of the child or young person, in this case a decision will be made about any safeguarding action that may need to take place.

Counselling at Windfall is available to those under the age of 25 years. We accept Self- referrals form 18-25 year olds, please use the form below:

Self Referral Form 18-25

Graphic showing head and thought bubbles above head.