What is Art Psychotherapy?

“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works: if from the head,
almost nothing.” – Marc Chagall.

Art psychotherapy can be helpful for young people and addresses issues such as bullying, body image and identity. Supported by a qualified art psychotherapist, young people may feel able to explore issues such as anger and stress and anxiety at home or at school. They may talk about emotions such as loss and grief and trauma. Creating images can give a voice to the thoughts and feelings held within, and can empower that individual to understand themselves in a better way and not feel so stuck.  

There are a variety of art materials to assist the young person to express themselves, and it is not necessary to be ‘good’ at art. The therapy space is a safe place where thoughts can be reflected upon confidentially. The art psychotherapist supports, without judgement, the young person as they process their particular difficulties through image making. The images made are revisited throughout the course of therapy and are stored safely and privately.  

Attending therapy would be at the same time and day each week over a number of months. This helps to develop a trusting relationship between the young person and the therapist and allows the young person to think about themselves at their own pace.

Art Psychotherapy Brochure

Child playing with playdough.