Veronica Grant – (Current Chair, Designated Safeguarding Officer)

Veronica was a social worker for many years working with children and families in England and Wales. She has extensive experience of the child protection system including time spent chairing child protection conferences, acting as an advocate for children on the child protection register and training many organisations on safeguarding children and young people. Her MA from the Tavistock Clinic involved thinking and learning about the internal lives of abused children. She has worked with many children over the years on an individual basis, in groups and also through family therapy. She also has experience of supervising other staff. As a qualified Play Therapist she helped establish the Windfall Centre Play Therapy service together with Gabrielle Eisele.

John Senior (Treasurer)

John spent 18 years in industrial research, working on adhesives and engineering polymers. This was followed by 18 years in the medical industry as a quality systems auditor of medical device manufacturers worldwide. The last 5 years of this period he was self-employed. Since retiring 9 years ago he has been working voluntarily as treasurer for a national, and more recently a local, Quaker body.

Kerry Hodges

Kerry began her career as a graphic designer in Ipswich. She then worked at St Clements Psychiatric Hospital as the art instructor, working with adults coping with depression, bipolar disorder and other debilitating illnesses. She also spent eleven years working as a volunteer with Ipswich Samaritans doing just about every job in the Centre apart from being the director! Kerry moved to Wales in 1998 and became a youth worker. She then worked for TGP Cymru (Tros Gynnal Plant) in Powys, first as its participation worker and later as a children’s advocate for many years.
Kerry is currently enjoying some time out and has recently finished her first novel for children.

Janet Matthews

Janet has lived in Powys since 1982 and has worked with children and young people as a teacher, social worker and community development worker. She was a manager with The Children’s Society in Powys (1988 – 2002), and a manager/children’s advocate with Tros Gynnal Plant (TGP Cymru) in Powys. Now retired, she is president of the Baptist Union of Wales, secretary of Penyrheol Chapel and delighted to be a trustee of The Windfall Centre at such an exciting time in its work with children and families. In between, Janet looks after 3 grandchildren.

Dr. Andy Scrase

Andy became a trustee for The Windfall Centre on the recommendation of an art therapist friend, who had been impressed by the high quality help the play therapists provided. Andy is now retired but spent half her working life as a general practitioner and the other half as a psychiatrist including many years in Learning Disability. In both professions she met very many children and adolescents (and adults) whose upbringing had been unsympathetic or actively abusive. Of course, as the years went on the services for children improved but they are now grossly overworked and children and families can benefit greatly from the therapy services offered by The Windfall Centre. Andy has four adult children of her own.

Dave Jones

David has worked in publishing, public relations, advertising and marketing. He was latterly Head of Marketing for the Welsh Development Agency and then the Welsh Assembly Government where he promoted inward investment, supported economic development and raised the profile of the Welsh regions. David claims no expertise in play therapy but first became interested in emotional development when he took a part-time course in pastoral relationships in London in the 1980s. He moved to Mid Wales in 1988 and lives near Llanidloes. He is married and has two daughters.

Marilyn Hinks

Marilyn has spent most of her professional life teaching students with additional needs. For 13 years she was the SENCo at Welshpool High School where she also taught psychology to the 6th form. When she ‘retired’ Marilyn worked as a Family Engagement Co-ordinator alongside families who needed support in accessing local services and helping vulnerable students settle into school and enjoy their schooldays. She also worked with colleagues facilitating support groups for parents with children of all ages and now works with victims of abuse. Her experience of working with families has made her realise just how important the role of The Windfall Centre’s therapists is in supporting vulnerable children and young people.

Jacqueline (Jax) Davies

A qualified social worker with over thirty years childcare experience in the public, independent and voluntary sector. Jacqueline has a long held professional and personal interest in the mental well-being of children and young people.
During her social work career, Jacqueline has worked as a senior manager in Safeguarding and Early Help. She also has a research background and was part of the Department of Health commissioned research team for the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families.
Latterly in her career, Jacqueline worked as a local authority commissioner, commissioning a range of children’s emotional health and wellbeing services for the local authority where she was also the project lead for Emotional Health and Well-being Thematic Group for the then Children and Young Persons Partnership.
Jacqueline has recently retired and volunteers as an Associate Hospital Manager. She also continues to run her own company Aspire for Children which provides consultancy on social care service development and improvement.