Play Therapy

The Windfall Centre has a resident team of five BAPT Play Therapists providing short and long-term therapy work with children, young people and their families. Given that one out of every ten children will experience mental health difficulty (Centre for Social Justice, 2014), we are so pleased that children in Wales can have access to this excellent treatment model.

We also have a Satellite provision offering Play and Filial Therapy in South and West Wales.

A little bit about Play Therapy

Play Therapy is a proven and effective modality supporting clients of all ages facing a vast array of challenges and adversity. These may include experiences of abuse, trauma, bereavement and loss, domestic violence, and family breakdown.

Play Therapy’s effectiveness may be traced back to two main components of the process: The communicative and healing value of play and the trust and acceptance embedded in the client’s relationship with the therapist. Children use play as a form of communication just as adults will use spoken communication in therapy. Through their play children work through traumatic experiences, solutions to dilemmas and master their emotions and thinking. Children do this naturally, but when life's challenges exceed children's capacity to comprehend and integrate experience, the support of a trained and empathetic therapist allows the child to extend their emotional skills and resilience. Additionally, the in-depth therapeutic relationship promotes positive change in the child by helping them to help themselves.

Play Therapy is non-directive process. This means that the child leads the play and we follow. Sometimes more structured activities are included to help children look at specific concerns or if they become stuck in their play.

Play Therapists work closely with parent/carers and can offer work specifically focused on parent-child relationships referred to as attachment work.

Play Therapists at Windfall work closely with professionals as well, offering advice and support to school staff, social work teams and others working with and on behalf of children at risk.

Play Therapy is ideally suited to supporting young children and those with learning and sensory impairments due to its emphasis on non-verbal communication and the non-directive, child-led process.

BAPT Play Therapists are highly trained in working with the developmental, mental and emotional needs of children and young people. This is underpinned by their comprehensive training, high level of clinical supervision and rigorous continuing professional development. Windfall Play Therapists are accredited through the British Association of Play Therapists and Professional Standards Association, having completed an intensive two-year program of study at Masters level, and are required to maintain rigorous and reflective supervision of the practice.

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