Support Us

The Windfall Centre is looking for people to join its Trustee Board.

This is why one of our current Trustees became a Trustee:
‘I first heard about the support offered to children, young people and their families by The Windfall Centre while I was working with students with additional needs in a local high school. I soon realised the therapists are highly qualified and skilled and can offer a level of support not often available through other agencies. Sadly, I knew many children and young people were not able to access this much needed support and so was delighted to become a Trustee at The Windfall Centre. By being a Trustee, I am able to ensure as many children, young people and their families as possible, are helped by this amazing charity. The excellent work continues to impress me.’
We are a small, friendly charity based in Llandrindod Wells and if you are interested in joining our Trustee Board and would like more details, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.
In the first instance please contact Clare on 01597 829346 or