Schools Programmes

The Windfall Centre is pleased to be able to offer School-based Play Therapy Programmes within educational settings, allowing children facing emotional difficulties an opportunity to access therapeutic support within the school day. Therapy sessions can be delivered face-to-face (when safe and appropriate to do so) or, in response to Covid-19, via the internet under our Tele-Play programme.  The School-based Play Therapy Programme also offers support and guidance to educational staff in responding to the needs and concerning behaviours of children with attachment difficulties and/or those who are coping with trauma and adversity.
We work closely with parents and carers from our initial meeting to regular reviews throughout the programme. Additionally, your child’s therapist may be available outside of session times to offer guidance and advice. Similarly, professional referrers are kept informed and involved.
The Aries Programme (Attachment Relationships in Educational Settings) offers professionals in educational and residential settings an intensive training and support programme, building a team-based response to the complex needs of children and young people with attachment difficulties. Comprehensive training in attachment formation helps to deepen the awareness of the impact of poor attachment relationships on current behaviours while promoting skills to address them. On-going support is provided to ensure that staff are confident to put into practice those new skills attained in training.
Child playing with adults.