Parents and Carers

Welcome to our website. This is where you can find out more about us and how we might be able to help

Being a parent or carer can be wonderfully rewarding at times and at other times hugely difficult. The coronavirus epidemic may have added to the stress of families in these unprecedented and uncertain times. Families may have already been experiencing difficulties and so may need some support. We can offer support, advice and a listening ear to parents, foster carers, and of course children and young people who may be feeling under stress and need to talk. We always work very closely with parents or carers to support and help you.

We are a charity and so depend on external funding for our work. However, if you are seeking a service in a private capacity, rather than through an agency, then please talk to us about our charges. We believe strongly in the value of the work we do and will always try to help. Telephone: 01597 829346; email:; or download or complete a referral form below.