Our Approach

The Windfall Centre and all those who work within it uphold the right of every child and young person to develop to their full potential.  We base our philosophy in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and especially Article 3 which states that every organisation involved with children should work towards what is best for each individual child. 
To this end we aspire to ensure that:
  • our service is accessible to children and families with a negotiated fee structure for individuals where indicated and a charitable business constitution
  • the welfare of each child is at the heart of our professional assessments and the therapeutic work we undertake
  • we honour the unique circumstances and heritage of each child and their family and will not discriminate against any child or family member on any grounds whatsoever. We will strive individually and together to challenge ourselves in understanding the causes and impact of structural oppression and exclusion.
  • we acknowledge the centrality of the family to the child’s developing self and work closely and respectfully with parents and carers
  • evaluation is at the core of our work and we seek creative ways to make this meaningful to our service provision and development. 
  • we encourage compliments and constructive criticism of our service and undertake to respond fairly to complaints, including from children and young people, in accordance with our Complaints procedure.
  • we work closely with the professional network around the child and speak with a clear voice within that environment
  • we respect the privacy of both children and adults and comply with legal and ethical requirements relating to recording, sharing and storing of personal information
  • any concerns regarding the safety or welfare of a child are carefully assessed and, where necessary, reported in line with our child protection procedures
  • safeguarding measures are in place to deter or detect any individuals who may pose a risk to a child or children using the centre
  • all professionals providing a service from the centre undertake and record on-going professional development activities and maintain accreditation to the appropriate professional body
  • all professionals providing a therapeutic service from the centre access clinical supervision and adhere to the supervision ratios stipulated by their professional body