Nurturing Families Programme

“The best toy for a young child is the invested, caring adult – someone to pay attention, to engage and to play with the child using words, song, touch and smile.” – Bruce Perry.
The Windfall Centre’s Nurturing Families Programme is an early intervention service based on Filial Therapy. It is a 16 week supportive programme especially designed for parents and caregivers who want to strengthen the relationship with their babies or young children. The programme is delivered by qualified and accredited Play Therapists specially trained in Filial Therapy and Infant Mental Health. The focus of the programme is the relationship between caregiver and child, particularly the early interactive behaviours between mother and infant, sometimes referred to as a ‘conversation’.
For most mother / baby dyads, this ‘conversation’ develops naturally forming the foundation of a secure attachment relationship and healthy child development. However, a wide variety of challenges can undermine the parent-child relationship and create the need for additional support and guidance. This attachment-based approach can also assist maternal bonding in the perinatal period, in preparation for parenthood. In this sense, the Nurturing Families Programme is both reparative and preventative. The Nurturing Families Programme is effective across families with diverse needs, not least in promoting sensitive fathering. It can be especially effective in strengthening family relationships where a child has been diagnosed with autism, disability or chronic illness.
Its non-judgmental ethos reflects the core elements of unconditional acceptance and positive regard at the heart of Play Therapy and Counselling. Parents are collaborative partners in the process. Their natural capabilities to work together ensures their individual and cultural approach to parenting is valued and respected.
We are happy to discuss the programme more fully to explore how it might meet your needs.
Baby and mother cuddling.
Father and child playing with blocks.