We received a Magic Little Grant through the partnership between Localgiving and Postcode Community Trust.
Postcode Community Trust is a grant-giving charity funded by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.
Localgiving is the UK’s leading membership and support network for local charities and community
groups. Our project received £500 to help families access therapeutic support.

For the month of November The Windfall Centre is running an appeal on Local Giving to raise funds for families to access therapy. Approximately half of all of our referrals are from parents and carers expected to self fund. Many of these families are on low incomes and are desperately trying to get help and support for the mental health of their children. We would like a ‘Fund for Families’ to allow children and young people to access the therapy they need.
Once we reach £1750 we unlock match funding of £250 from Local giving, please help us get there by visiting to donate, alternatively please share this link to help us spread the message that every child and their family deserve the opportunity to access therapeutic support.

New COVID-19 Variant and Lockdown.

Statement from the Trustees – 9th January 2021.

We have decided that the service provided by The Windfall Centre will continue based on the following considerations:

  1. Children’s reactions to events are very largely influenced by the responses of the adults around them, but also by the wider societal atmosphere. The chaos and uncertainty around schools opening can be a significant source of stress and anxiety to children and young people. If there is additional adult / caregiver anxiety about child care, finances and work complications, this does not pass by unnoticed by children and young people.
  2. Add in the recurring death tolls from the virus and again, adult responses to the fear of the virus, and children can be left worrying about their own health or that of their parents / caregivers. There is also the other subliminal messages that children may infect their loved ones which can cause worry and concern.
  3. Under the lockdown conditions, the often overlooked but vital support for many children comes from school staff and other adults external to their family is not available or is only sporadically available.
  4. The central approach by our skilled therapists has always been to recognise children and young people’s need for stability and predictability, thus conveying a sense of emotional containment and safety. This is needed now more than ever.
  5. Similarly, the work that is done with parents and caregivers provides them with support and understanding and the strength to recognise their children’s emotional needs. This in turn equips them with the ways and means to respond attentively to their children.
  6. Our service addresses the emotional and mental health needs of children and families and in this national mental health crisis our service is vitally needed.

Taking account of the increased infectiousness of the new variant and its rapid spread, we have reviewed our safety and hygiene precautions and found them to be fully robust. Face-to-Face play therapy and art psychotherapy will therefore continue from our specially adapted playroom at the centre in Llandrindod Wells and in Carmarthenshire. Filial therapy can also be provided at the centre or by video link, and our Tele-play therapy remains accessible. The high level of support we provide to parents / caregivers will also remain available.

The Trustees commend the level of skill and commitment of our Therapists and the support they receive from Clare and Gaby. Again, we extend our heartfelt thanks to them all for the way they continue to support children, young people and families in these extremely challenging times.

Do not hesitate to contact the Centre with any questions you may have about our continuing service, or to make a referral.