Filial Therapy

“It is not enough to love the children, it is necessary for them to be aware that they
are loved.” – St John Bosco.

Filial Therapy was developed from the Play Therapy model to help parents and carers build more satisfying and healing relationships with their  children. Like Play Therapy, Filial Therapy is effective for a wide range of difficulties.

It is especially beneficial in building strong attachment relationships, particularly in adoption and foster care. It is a flexible approach easily adapted to the individual needs of the family. The therapist works directly with the parents, supporting and empowering them in new ways to interact with their child and building their confidence as they practice their new knowledge at home.

Children respond to having the parent or carer’s undivided attention for a significant period of time, and parents and carers find renewed joy in their relationship with their child.

To be able to have support and understanding from such a wonderful place has been amazing. It has given me the skills to really help my children and to continue that after our sessions finished.
We found that our relationship and understanding of each granddaughter improved, as did their behaviour towards us... There was, and remains, a positive development of love between us.